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Latest ‘MARK MY WORDS’ Blog Posts

  • Company emotion

    All references to Christmas or end of year removed. We can do a round up at the appropriate time. A Friday thought or two. Borkowski has retained the heart of its culture throughout all the change and technological advances around us.  We are a company based on creativity and bravery, but also and perhaps most […]

  • Social media the real pantomime villain

    Well there is no doubt that it’s pantomime season, heroes, villains  and the participation of the crowd. Take Noel Edmonds for example. A scroll through Twitter a week a ago would have left you in no doubt; Marmite isn’t just found in an iconic jar . But hang on, seven days in, he’s out of […]

  • Iceland Ad Fever. Does It Live Up To The Hype

    We are now officially in the tinselled haze of mid-November when our TV screens are dominated by shmaltzy adverts aimed to pull at our heart strings and pickpocket our wallets. When you think of Iceland, you can’t help but conjure up images of Kerry Katona and Peter Andre clutching shopping bags full of frozen pavlovas. […]

  • Snowballs and fame

    The trouble is that generally there is a butterfly attention to fame and noteworthy issues these days. This causes issues for brands because ‘fame’ is a vital currency and how it is created, developed and sustained is the all important question. So what is fame? And I mean real fame, not the Andy Warhol fifteen […]

  • A serious case of #sowhatism

    Make no mistake, this is the age of heightened individualism. More and more things are competing for our attention as the battle for clicks, likes and eyeballs gets stronger. And yet the more we compete as marketers and communicators, the more there is a sense of ‘so what?’ This stat dropped on my desk earlier. […]

  • “Nothing draws a crowd quite like a crowd”

    “Nothing draws a crowd quite like a crowd” said P.T Barnum and I think about that a lot when wondering about the direction of certain campaigns I am working on. Barnum said a lot of quotable stuff and he knew a lot about the magic and mischief of capturing the public’s attention. Isn’t that at […]


    There are always two ways of looking at things. The Circle  surely the most depressing programme to come into our homes for a decade. Or is it? Maybe it’s the cleverest, quickly uncovering the lengths we go to to be ‘liked; and how quickly we evaluate the truth. Or the lack of it. Not […]

  • Everybody’s Talking

    Change always begins with the individual. That’s a fact or a cliché depending on your mood. Here’s another one. Purpose in business is the new digital, the new black or the next new coffee. Whatever, it’s more important than ever. This week the conversation about purpose has ratcheted up showing us that businesses who are […]

  • There’s PR, and there’s PR. Spot the difference.

    The Noel Edmonds campaign against Lloyds Bank, which has led the news agenda for more than a year now, has won the day for its emotional appeal and direct connection to customers, both existing and future of the bank. Moreover, it’s had the energy and creativity to keep moving the needle and drive the message […]

  • Fame. What is it good for?

    Dani and Jack have emerged from Love Island surrounded by stars and the promise of everlasting love. Beyond that, the promise of riches and fame await them. Initially images and soundbites will feed the media agenda, holiday destinations will offer free trips in exchange for bronzed perfection by their pool and freebies will arrive daily […]

  • Please, can we stop making sense?

    Businesses still like to lead by function. Creative in this corner, publicity in that corner for example. But at the same time these days, it’s fashionable to be integrated. Too often I see that all of this just leads to greater dysfunction. Within the integration, each sector concentrates on their expertise and the metrics they […]

  • Putin’s world cup gamble is a PR masterstroke 

    As Koke missed the second penalty and the whole of Russia erupted in a frenzy worthy of a Tolstoy epic Stanislav Cherchesov, with a face chiselled out of Russian granite, barely broke his Stakhanovite visage. It’s reported that the head coach had received a call from Putin before the match for some “encouraging words”. Steely […]

  • How to Handle a Sugar Rush

    In 2008-9 Prime Minister Gordon Brown bent over backwards to recruit Alan Sugar as his government’s ‘Business Czar’, with an eye to lining up the boisterous entrepreneur as Labour’s mayoral candidate. Back then reality TV stars going into politics didn’t have quite the same stigma as it does now and in the dying years of […]

  • Next steps for tackling fake news – impact, industry response and options for policy

    Mark spoke at the Westminster Media Forum on the 26th April 2018 ¬ the subject Next steps for tackling fake news – impact, industry response and options for policy Responding to the challenges: media literacy, responsibilities and options for policy Mark Borkowski, Founder and Creative Head, Borkowski PR My friends in media land in media […]

  • Dacrexit: The end of an era- but has the era really ended him? 

    If Paul Dacre was listening to the “mouthpiece of the metropolitan elite” BBC on Thursday morning he might have heard Polly Tonybee lay into this “bully in chief” who has “poisoned British politics”. Would there be a more fitting leaving present for the outgoing Daily Mail editor than to have these words framed, preferably in the olde […]

  • PR needs a trip to Love Island

    No format has been more maligned than reality TV. Its obituary has been written many times. Commentators pour over declining ratings of the likes of Big Brother and X Factor. In the age of Netflix we gaze into a future where live viewing is obsolete. Yet just when it seems time to switch off the […]

  • Meghan, Trump and power of shutting up

    The news that MI6 will be launching its first advertising campaign aimed at recruiting more women is significant not just because M’s the word. It marks a new openness for an organisation that for the best part of the last century did their utmost to persuade us they didn’t exist. Diversifying away from the old […]

  • Bots v scoops: What Rudd-gate tells us about media influence

    Influence is a tricky one to measure. The word itself derives from the Latin influentia, meaning an influx. Influence flows out, imperceptibly, and its effects are more qualitative than quantitative. Take the Sunday Times’s big splash this week revealing findings from its investigation into Labour’s dominance on twitter during the 2017 election. According to research from Swansea […]

  • Forget the hastags #Bots #CambridgeAnalytica #Russian #trolls #darkforces #Socialmedia #disruption

    Forget the hastags #Bots #CambridgeAnalytica #Russian #trolls #darkforces #Socialmedia #disruption  What we see from Rudd’s downfall is that the agenda is still being set by the reporting of traditional media turbo charged by established opinion-formers.

  • Last Orders on Social Media? 

    The price of a J D Wetherspoon pint will be the cheapest within a ten minute walk of where you’re stood. Whether or not this adage is entirely true, the pub chain has created a brand of cheap-and-cheerfulness that has have left its competition in the gutter. Could this partly account for why its chairman […]