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Latest ‘MARK MY WORDS’ Blog Posts

  • How the Royal Household and the Great British Establishment Wrapped up a PR gift for Trump.

    Trump’s visit reminded me of that old adage ‘money can’t buy class’. But it can get you close to it if you are President Trump, and in doing so see your approval ratings soar back home by quite a margin. With no gaffs or protocol errors in the UK this week, his standing in the […]

  • Political symbols and How the Brexit Party are short circuiting your brain

    As a person with a blood pressure that I value, I try to avoid any unnecessary debate about Brexit. But as a person who lives and breathes communication strategy I am fed up with watching this one sided massacre.   The politics of the right have always understood the power of the symbol. The eagle […]

  • Meghan and the Royal Fame Game.

    So the royal baby was finally introduced to us within the walls of Windsor Castle at about the same time as Sara Latham informed us that the PR disaster surrounding the announcement was due to the failure of an email to send. That one is as old as “the cheque’s in the post” and nobody will believe […]

  • Harry Styles the Art of Gender Fluid Publicity.

    Back in the day, it was always the women who owned the fashion moment at the glittering award/fundraising events. From Diana Dors to Liz Hurley publicists knew how to grab the zeitgeist. Who can forget Gaga’s meat frock, or Cher and Bjork in headline-grabbing Oscar red carpet confections? Fashion has always had an opinion and leaned […]

  • Borkowski’s weirdly mesmerizing purpose.

    Purpose is one of those buzzwords like disruption, innovation and ephemeral content that I try to avoid. I like to keep things simple though I will admit the thing that has kept for the past thirty years is a singularity of purpose, and whilst of course we keep an eye on the future, our work is grounded in the present because […]


    Everyone can see the media agenda speeding up to a blinding speed as it tries to keep pace with Brexit, screeching along towards its Byzantium, boring and terrifying ever-elusive finale. Everyone is talking about it, but I want to talk about what it actually means, and because Brexit is such an unusually elongated story, it […]

  • Michael Jackson’s fall from grace is an allegory for the inherently corrupt nature of celebrity and fame

    I have found myself struggling to write something about Leaving Neverland. Channel 4 provided an advance preview which proved to be four hours of unsettling weekend viewing. This is a dark and uncomfortable documentary about the peculiar world of fame. It’s not only painful but heartrending TV which will go a long way towards realigning our […]

  • The Ballad of a PR meltdown

    To read Liam Neeson’s interview in the Independent – bewildering and alarming in equal parts – is to be reminded of the actor’s cameo in Ricky Gervais’s Life’s Too Short. This moment was a highlight of a largely forgettable Warwick Davis vehicle, playing off the idea of Neeson turning his hand to comedy. Pitching his […]


    If you ever wanted to see an example of why it is so hard to manage reputations in today’s world of clickbait, professional outrage machines and judgements made at the speed of  scrolling, then you don’t have to look any further than the recent media furore over the altercation between the students from Covington Catholic […]


    You would have to have a hardened heart not to have felt for Andy Murray on waking up this morning. This is a man who wears his heart on his sleeve and bravely isn’t afraid to show it. His authenticity and courage has warmed a nation’s heart. Yet Andy Murray has had a checkered history […]

  • The British Army’s campaign to attract ‘snowflake millennials’ is genius

    The British Army’s has caused quite the stir. Although this time it’s across Facebook, not the Faroes. As part of the “This is belonging” campaign, the army has released posters illustrated in the style of World War One recruitment ads featuring Lord Kitchener. The posters use derogatory phrases such as “Snowflakes”, “Me me me millennials” […]

  • There is such a thing as bad PR, but who cares?

    The term Succès de scandale (French for “success from scandal”) originates from the Belle Époque (‘beautiful era’) in Paris, where artistic success began to be attributed to the public controversy surrounding their work. The adage is now echoed as ‘there is no such thing as bad publicity’, and instead of Édouard Manet and Oscar Wilde […]

  • Company emotion

    All references to Christmas or end of year removed. We can do a round up at the appropriate time. A Friday thought or two. Borkowski has retained the heart of its culture throughout all the change and technological advances around us.  We are a company based on creativity and bravery, but also and perhaps most […]

  • Social media the real pantomime villain

    Well there is no doubt that it’s pantomime season, heroes, villains  and the participation of the crowd. Take Noel Edmonds for example. A scroll through Twitter a week a ago would have left you in no doubt; Marmite isn’t just found in an iconic jar . But hang on, seven days in, he’s out of […]

  • Iceland Ad Fever. Does It Live Up To The Hype

    We are now officially in the tinselled haze of mid-November when our TV screens are dominated by shmaltzy adverts aimed to pull at our heart strings and pickpocket our wallets. When you think of Iceland, you can’t help but conjure up images of Kerry Katona and Peter Andre clutching shopping bags full of frozen pavlovas. […]

  • Snowballs and fame

    The trouble is that generally there is a butterfly attention to fame and noteworthy issues these days. This causes issues for brands because ‘fame’ is a vital currency and how it is created, developed and sustained is the all important question. So what is fame? And I mean real fame, not the Andy Warhol fifteen […]

  • A serious case of #sowhatism

    Make no mistake, this is the age of heightened individualism. More and more things are competing for our attention as the battle for clicks, likes and eyeballs gets stronger. And yet the more we compete as marketers and communicators, the more there is a sense of ‘so what?’ This stat dropped on my desk earlier. […]

  • “Nothing draws a crowd quite like a crowd”

    “Nothing draws a crowd quite like a crowd” said P.T Barnum and I think about that a lot when wondering about the direction of certain campaigns I am working on. Barnum said a lot of quotable stuff and he knew a lot about the magic and mischief of capturing the public’s attention. Isn’t that at […]


    There are always two ways of looking at things. The Circle  surely the most depressing programme to come into our homes for a decade. Or is it? Maybe it’s the cleverest, quickly uncovering the lengths we go to to be ‘liked; and how quickly we evaluate the truth. Or the lack of it. Not […]

  • Everybody’s Talking

    Change always begins with the individual. That’s a fact or a cliché depending on your mood. Here’s another one. Purpose in business is the new digital, the new black or the next new coffee. Whatever, it’s more important than ever. This week the conversation about purpose has ratcheted up showing us that businesses who are […]