viva forever!

Harnessing the Girl Power: Social Media’s Impact on the Theatre Crowd

Last night, I went to see Viva Forever with Krista Madden, the lady behind the highly influential Handpicked Media network. It corrals the best digital talent, from a hemisphere of independent networks of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogs. These are the people that grew up with the Spice Girls. In their youth, they lived and […]


Harnessing the crowd, and knowing what they want (what they really really want)

The tremendous response this week to the launch of Viva Forever! The Musical(manhandled by my esteemed colleague Dee McCourt and her team of pixies) probably came as a surprise to many in the higher echelons of the arts and media world. Yet the tremendous outpourings on twitter, not to mention the reams of coverage and […]