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A Day in the Life of Tony Kaye in a Nissan Cube – the movie!

Here are two brilliant three minute films of highlights from last Friday’s adventures through London with Tony Kaye in a fleet of Nissan Cubes. Everything was filmed on Flip HD cameras. Read the blogs, linked here, for more information.


Tony Kaye’s Cube-top Concert

A perfect close to the day, before zooming off to the Cube Store in Brick Lane; Tony Kaye gives a Cube-top show atop a Nissan Cube outside the Tate. Cue startled passers-by, unfazed cabbies, bewildered Big Issue sellers and a few arched eyebrows. In the Nissan Cube, an interesting conversation ensues about how to walk […]


In the Mosque

We’re spotting similarities inside the mosque; sacred spaces vary only slightly, according to Tony. “I thought this place was the hugest place. I enjoyed the performance aspect of singing texts, I had to read the Hebrew from the scroll. I enjoyed singing to a packed house! “The quest for immortality is to be with family […]


At the Mosque

“This is where I became a man 44 years ago!” Negotiations for entry are underway – we are off to find a sheik at a restaurant to seek permission to film inside the mosque. Many phone calls are being fired off in the Somine Restaurant on the corner of Crossway and Kingsland High Street. The […]


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