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Edinburgh Fringe: Where is the Love?

I’m up in Edinburgh at the moment, watching the excitement at the Fringe’s street level crank up several notches as the performers prepare for a multitude of launch parties. Whilst it’s great to see all these performers building themselves up into a state of anticipatory frenzy, I am left wondering why the Scottish media aren’t […]


Richey: Forlorn figure with his life in a few plastic bags …or a ‘vengeful, hateful’ ex-con?

THERE was a strong wind gusting through the cornfields as Kenny Richey arrived at his brother’s rural Ohio home, ahead of tomorrow’s return to Edinburgh – delayed a day by fog. He strolled from the car, stuck his nose in the air and ambled for the front door. It is likely Richey will be heading […]


Heinz lands in the soup over sex claims

Lyndsay Moss – The Scotsman. It was a marketing man’s dream: Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup was not only one of Britain’s iconic food brands, it also improved men’s fertility. Heinz yesterday trumpeted university research which showed that eating its soup could “give guys extra oomph”. But the soup’s rise from kitchen cupboard staple to must-buy superfood […]