Terry Jones

The Joy of Fabulous Nobodies: Naked Whitehall Guy, I Salute You

This afternoon, Twitter has been captivated by a brand new golden balls. We don’t know who he is yet, or why he did it, but he ensured Whitehall was shut down for several hours after he scaled the statue of the first Duke of Cambridge, Prince George, stripped off and performed a number of acrobatic […]


Fanning the Flames

Why in God’s name is the media giving this bloody Pentecostal minister in Florida so much press? Pastor Terry Jones is simply a dangerous and deranged attention seeker. Look, I understand it’s a news story, but if the media had ignored him the frenzy could have been easily abated. Jones has succeeded in projecting his […]


Cheltenham Festival via A Good Read

I had a busy but invigorating weekend at the Cheltenham Festival of Literature, promoting The Fame Formula on Saturday and discussing my favourite book with Sue McGregor and Terry Jones for BBC Radio 4’s A Good Read in the great stone wedding cake that is Cheltenham Town Hall. I was astonished at how busy it […]