Taming Tabloid Tittle Tattle

Yesterday I took part in the Taming Tabloid Tittle Tattle debate at the brilliant Battle of Ideas at the Barbican. Roy Greenslade and I, loosely defending the right to celebrity privacy, took on Jo Phillips and Patrick Hayes, arguing the case for unrestricted press freedom. I say loosely because what emerged through the very wide(…)


Manga Monsters and Risky PR

Looking carefully at the one-eyed Manga nightmares that are the 2012 Olympic mascots, I have been wondering at the designers’ thinking – and not as negatively as you might suspect. I think there may be a classicist at work behind these Cyclopses. According to Hesiod, the Cyclopses were strong, stubborn giants who were “abrupt of(…)


Danielle Lloyd’s cleavage and the Institute for Advanced Concepts.- (Geeks vs Totty)

Despite having been a social pariah not so long ago, thanks to her role in the racist bullying on Celebrity Big Brother in January, Danielle Lloyd seems to be making something of a career statement – in the pages of the tabloids at least – despite headlines mere weeks ago suggesting that she’d never work(…)