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Sally Osman, Paddy Haverson and the Royal PR machine

Today marks a momentous day for Sally Osman, who, in June, will take on the role of Communications Secretary to HRH The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall. Whilst researching my book, The Fame Formula, which examined the PR legends of Hollywood, a pattern started to emerge: the very best publicists in the […]


Harry: Prince of Propaganda

Prince Harry is the ultimate recruitment poster boy for the Call of Duty generation. As a soldier Prince, he is in his element: today’s media is plastered with pictures of him in subtle battle dress, poses framed by an apache helicopter gunship, underlining his sense of purpose and presenting him in hero-like dimensions. From Las […]


Pippa- Maybe down but Not Out

A deep collective breath is perhaps needed. Pippa Middleton’s identification with firearms last weel, thanks to the somewhat incautious actions of friend Romain Rabillard, has led many to predict that her fledging career in the public eye is already over. Like her sister, runs the thinking, Middleton’s image relies on propriety- all 3 Middleton siblings […]


Taking the Flack: Prince Harry and the Royal Press Machine

The papers have been full of Prince Harry’s new girlfriend Caroline Flack, the presenter of Gladiators and, it has become clear, a full throttle Alpha Female and a hedonist of the first order. But now The Sun has announced that Harry’s dumped Flack because he misses Chelsy Davy, quoting him – through a friend – […]


Hello and the Royal Wedding buy up.

Mark Phillips and Autumn Kelly’s decision to sell their story and wedding exclusive to Hello! magazine has caused such a level of furore that nearly every paper has had something to say on the matter. The wedding exclusive agreement with Hello! was on the understanding that no senior member of the Royal Family would be […]


Prince Harry the Afghan crusader and reluctant PR man

Who would be a Royal Prince?  I have been hounded this weekend by various media organizations wanting my comments on the furor surrounding Prince Harry’s tour of duty in Afghanistan.  We know how important Harry is to the national media – putting him on the front page certainly sells newspapers but the majority of callers […]


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