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Jimmy Saville and the Fleet Street Gravediggers

Savillegate rages on today, with Mike Smith’s impassioned and lengthy rebuttal of claims of institutional sexism at the Beeb made over the weekend during an hour long appearance on Richard Bacon’s Radio 1 show. With accusations of child-abuse against the TV presenter mounting day by day, it is becoming apparent that the true character of […]


Twits who ruin Twitter: Why some stars and PRs miss the point of tweeting

“Britney’s feed is sanitised, tedious vainglory, merely a bland sales pitch” By Mark Borkowski – Monday 13th April Cynical: Britney’s Twitter feed is merely putting out a bland sales pitch, with the sort of information that can be gleaned from anywhere I’m waiting for the first big Twitter catastrophe. And if you think it came […]


The Fame Formula: Cooking With Bacon

The Fame Formula paperback promotional rounds started last night with an interview on BBC Radio 5 on Richard Bacon’s show. It was fun doing it with Boyd Hilton from Heat magazine and Richard was a real pro. It was a good way to start off the promotional rounds. I was pleased that Richard liked the […]