PR Week

Why CEOs must get PRs on board

Danny Rogers, the editor of PR Week, has, in a recent Independent article, highlighted a curious phenomenon blighting the boards of the majority of FTSE 100 firms. According to a recent survey, 54% of them still do not have a communications expert at executive board level. Considering that in the modern climate, most major decisions […]


Awards and Escapology

Another year, another PR Week Awards night. Winners love it, losers loathe it. My agency, Borkowski, ignored it for years. Truthfully, it’s a somewhat odd night. I met so many friends I just didn’t know I had. I don’t usually have the emotional stamina to stay the course and tend to slope off before the […]


Will the Revolution Not Be Advertised?

It may be stating the bleeding obvious, but we all know the media is changing rapidly – every few months, something comes along that fractures the old order more and more. The latest is the iPad, one more thing in a long line of technological advances that are making it easier for brand and public […]


Spinning sugar

Spinwatch brings our attention to the following campaign “The Oldways Preservation Trust, which earlier this year held a conference in Italy to promote pasta, is organizing another journalists’ confab, this time to discuss the virtues of sugar,” PR Week reports. “The trust … has secured the Beverage Institute for Health and Wellness, a Coca-Cola affiliated […]



Tucked away in PR week is a sad little paragraph about Geoff Baker getting the sack from Sir Paul McCartney’s organisation MPL. The two have parted company after a solid association lasting 15 years, and as of now Baker is unemployed. ‘His behaviour has not reached the professional standards I had come to expect from […]


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