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The PR Apocalypse

Can I ask a dumb question – is it safe to build a nuclear power station on a known fault line and then leave it there for 40 years?

The Japanese authorities are only finding out now, and yet the full horror of the situation remains shrouded and shadowed. As the Fukushima reactor appears to be slipping ever closer to meltdown, so an ever greater number of PR trained scientists and experts come forward to calm the situation. Who is paying the platoons of nuclear experts to play down the crisis? I’d love to see exactly who the paymaster to the various foundations and universities is.

It doesn’t help that the Japanese authorities have been playing fast and loose with the truth, evacuating people and then claiming there is no radiation, as mushroom-shaped clouds billow out of ruined power stations. This has all been a fantastic exercise in news management but trust is in short supply. Read the rest of this entry »

Laws of Attrition

New media commentators have decreed that the age of the personal PR minder is dead. “Long live Twitter” is their clarion call. It’s the new communication tool for folk in the public eye. Openness and willingness to feed the twitter cycle offers an opportunity to unveil the ‘real you’; to be judged as well as to engage in an open, public conversation.

Who needs a flak when you talk directly to the people? The evidence that stellar Twitter personalities – in the shape of Ashton Kutcher, Jonathan Ross, Stephen Fry and Sarah Brown – have benefited from this thesis is proof that they are shining examples of successful DIY #PR 3.0. Read the rest of this entry »