Royals have to draw line in the sand – but it’s a high-risk move

This piece originally appeared on The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are right to be taking this course of action – they’ve got to draw a line in the sand. They are boosted certainly by the current mood of the media in this country. I suspect that ten years ago we would have seen […]


Anatomy of a showmance: Why Kelly Brook plus Danny Cipriani equals glamour

Take two young stars, add the perfect styling, and what do you get? An A-list couple By Sophie Morris Thursday, 11 September 2008 Mark Borkowski, founder of Borkowski PR and author of The Fame Formula “The picture strikes me as an experiment from their publicists and agents to see whether these two have the commercial […]


Pap Publicity

It has been a surreal day. It started on the BBC Breakfast sofa where I rabbited on about Holy Moly’s decision not to accept intrusive paparazzi pictures on their site. It’s an interesting debate but I think the gesture is more of a heroic publicity stunt to garner more notoriety for Holy Moly, than taking […]


Beckham and Middleton

From the USA to Australia Borkowski quoted on the issues of the day A royal romance that’s hardly a fairytale The Age – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia But she manipulated the press to sell her image and unhappy message, a prominent British public-relations consultant, Mark Borkowski, Britain Reacts to Posh and Becks’s U.S. Move,,20008333,00.html


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