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Addison Cresswell – a tribute.

Oh, the wretched topic of death, such a frustrating interloper, especially at Christmas, damn you. Alas, there is no point in pretending that we improve with age. In his colossal autobiography, Ben Hecht expressed the ageing process thus: “the years diminish us, time rots our body, cools our blood, darkens our brain, and, like a […]


How to Lose a Million Quid

The Malcolm Hardee Awards are getting a good rise out of their latest crop of nominees – or one of them in particular. The awards honour Hardee – one of the greatest festival pranksters and publicity magnets – by giving out semi-satirical awards. This year the committee chose to nominate US stand-up Bo Burnham for […]


‘Me’ generation takes Fringe by storm

‘Me’ generation takes Fringe by storm Real-life tales of success, excess and misfortune are taking over this year, irking professional comics Other unlikely Fringe performers whose talks draw heavily on their own lives are Simon Donald, the co-creator of Viz comic, leading PR man Mark Borkowski, American news anchor Bob Wiltfong, and Colin Hay, the […]


EDINBURGH FRINGE: a walk down memory lane

Ian Shuttleworth’s review of Taboo featuring Pink & Squeezy conceived by Dexter Augustus, August 1992 Gimmicks, gimmicks, gimmicks. Everyone needs gimmicks to get their show noticed among the 1100 here on the Fringe… and just about everyone has one. It might just be a good review blurb on their leaflet… “Nominated for the Independent Award,” […]


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