The News of the World: Tapping on Heaven’s Door?

It seems, of late, that sleaze is a gift worth giving and that it’s for life, not just for Christmas or for politicians. The latest example – the News of the World phone tapping scandal – is, in Variety’s slanguage, a “dramedy”. It has the potential for seriously succulent consequences, which might be deeply costly(…)


Twits who ruin Twitter: Why some stars and PRs miss the point of tweeting

“Britney’s feed is sanitised, tedious vainglory, merely a bland sales pitch” By Mark Borkowski – Monday 13th April Cynical: Britney’s Twitter feed is merely putting out a bland sales pitch, with the sort of information that can be gleaned from anywhere I’m waiting for the first big Twitter catastrophe. And if you think it came(…)


David Blaine: Word of Mouth Showman Supreme

A breakfast meeting with David Blaine last week was a very pleasing and revelatory experience; it’s good to sit and talk with someone who really, really gets true showmanship, spectacle, creativity, word of mouth and viral publicity and who has encountered many of the same things I’ve encountered, even the Russian circus act with a(…)