Let’s not be fooled by fashion and tamed by reason…

“Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought” Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Someone recently said to me “the more I read, the less I know”. Profound. In a world where technological advances were supposed to make life simpler, the reverse seems to reflect the truth.  The world is more complex, undefined, […]


The Borkowski Awards—notable 2013 PR moments

I don’t usually do awards ceremonies. I’d generally rather be making a new campaign than remembering the last one. However, as the end of the year finds Borkowski towers in a reflective mood, I thought I’d put together a brief collection of 2013’s standout PR moments—the ones that made us gasp with astonishment, and the […]


The extraordinary life of Jeremy Paxton – a tribute.

This is my account of the extraordinary life of Jeremy Paxton. It’s an assembly of vivid memories I shared with a unique human whom I loved and cherished. Woody Allen once said ‘Life is full of misery, loneliness, and suffering – and it’s all over much too soon.’ Sadly true when death takes a 53 […]


Embracing chaos

As we settle into the New Year, commentators continue to declare the present state of flux to be the ‘new normal’. In the wake of increasing globalisation and atomisation, humanity is simultaneously more connected and more fractured than ever before – how can brands manage in this new era? The tension of our age lies […]


The Sleb’s Prayer and The Exterminating Factor

Have you overdosed on the X Factor? Are the opinions of the judges getting you down? Have you felt like venting your feelings about the loss of your favourite contestant? Did Danyl’s departure in the semi-finals really get your goat? Did Lucie losing out to Jedward rile you to the point of despair? Or are […]


Backpacker is cleared of faking bush ordeal to make £100,000

AUSTRALIAN police have spoken out against claims British backpacker Jamie Neale faked being lost in the Blue Mountains National Park in order to sell his story to the media. The 19-year-old, who slept under shelters made of bark and lived on kangaroo berries for 12 days, sold his story to Australian television for £100,000. But […]


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