Plato, pressure and the death of PR stunts

Plato, pressure and the death of PR stunts

Activists scaled The Shard and the Home Office brazenly paraded their views on strategically driven ad vans. Has the PR stunt died a somewhat tepid death? In a CommsChat twitter conversation, Mark Borkowski discusses bullish lobbying, the art of EQ & the importance of play via Plato.

  1. Whoops. Try again.#Iceclimb did a ‘job” for Greenpeace. The challenge is to continue the Arctic conversation #commschat
  2. @CommsChat Ice climb made an impact on the day but like a lot of stunts, not much lasting impact #commschat
  3. @eddiemay @CommsChat Agree. Although I am told there is another spectacular in the works, #Greenpeace #commschat
  4. T2: T2: Why did Lynton Crosby & Lord Bell have such a bullish reaction to the toxic headlines surrounding their lobbying brands? #commschat
  5. Questions raised over Lynton Crosby, lobbying and cigarettes
  6. @CommsChat Lynton Crosby & Lord Bell are past masters of control. – uber confident & stand by their beliefs . #commschat
  7. T3: Social has created a compression of time in comms. How do you remain sane when handling PR or publicity? #commschat
  8. @CommsChat It boils down to working for clients with high EQ. Managing expectations and being able to say no. #commschat

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