The Cuban Pillow Crisis

The Ulster Linen Co., Inc. of New York was noted for being the most reliable source of Fine European Linens in the U.S. The company enlisted Jim Moran to publicise their linens further afield in the Mid and Western States of the U.S. In true Moran style, he organised the world’s biggest ever pillow fight, pre the Guinness book of records which was a great shame as its genius has been lost to time. But Moran staged regional challenges in each capital city of each State and got all the finalists together for the grand fight in Washington.

The regional pillow fights got acres of press at the time, but the event was overtaken by headier matters. It was 1963 and the Cuban Missile Crisis was in full flow and so the final of the pillow fight had to be cancelled. I am thinking about restaging it in honour of the great Jim Moran.