Improperganda: The Great Edinburgh Stunt #Twithibition

I have just launched Improperganda: The Great Edinburgh Stunt Twithibition, a whole new form of exhibition, especially for the Edinburgh Festival, featuring 11 eye-catching posters commemorating some of the greatest stunts to have graced the streets of Edinburgh and utilizing the conversational, interactive power of the internet

The #Twithibition is a manifold, interactive marvel – the posters can be viewed, assuming they’ve survived weather, vandals and other flyposters, on the streets of Edinburgh in the places where the stunts happened. They can also be viewed on Twitter by searching the site for #twithibition. Most importantly, the exhibition can be added to, commented upon and expanded by anyone adding the hash tag #twithibition to a tweet or twitpic of a stunt they remember or have just perpetrated.

The posters have been designed by David Hillman,one of the iconic figures of British design. The photographs of stunts – and, in a neat post-modern twist, the photographs of the posters – are all by the marvellous photographer Geraint Lewis, who has been covering Edinburgh Festival for years and capture the spirit of the stunts to a tee.

The old guard may mutter about the good old days of the Festival, but every generation does. The fact remains that Edinburgh is the place to create celebrity immortality, to wallow in the mud pits of publicity in the silly season, when every paper and website in the country is eager – if not desperate – for funny, cool or downright weird stories. The #Twithibition is about celebrating the chutzpah and spirit of Festival publicity and about encouraging people to continue in that spirit, adding their own memories and invention to stunts of old.

I can’t wait to see what people come up with. Let the audacity and mayhem begin!

To see the #Twithibition in action, visit Twitter. For more information on the exhibits, click here.

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  • One of my personal favourites was the ventriloquists talking dog who went walkabout and the show could not go on until he was found. The bylines were good, somebody suggested he was doggone.Another suggested he was dog rough,and Radio Forth put out an appeal he was found and the show was packed for the duration of the Festival.

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