Borkowski Blogs

mark.gifWelcome to Borkowski, the blog site in which the underbelly of the PR world is exposed, inspected, sniffed at, dissected, startled, satirised, tickled and occasionally put to rights by Mark Borkowski, a compulsive blogger since the days before there was such a word.

Borkowski will be looking in depth at the past, present and future of PR and pricking at the too-often cosy world it inhabits, a world lined with endless parades of headcount-fodder celebrities and fuelled by the erroneous idea that talking a good game is all that’s necessary.

Borkowski offers a different perspective; one where wit, hard work, a little risk taking, some seriously long-term thinking and a conscience replace the catty, dayglo cliché of the Ab Fab set.

On Borkowski, you’ll find In Search of the Sons of Barnum, an ongoing series of salutary studies of the buccaneering publicists, (Harry Reichenbach, Jim Moran and others) who created the grand images, ideas and stunts that built the movie industry and gave form to the modern media, as well as Mark My Words and Stuntwatch, which comment on the latest news and celebrate and anatomize the sometimes delicate, sometimes macabre machinations of celebrities, food giants, sports stars and the people who manage them.

There will also be also regular podcast poems from Adam Horovitz, casting a satirical and sometimes caustic eye on celebrities, politicians and other scoundrels.