Has Britney killed off her career?

britney_spears.jpgBy now, you will know that Britney Spears’ much-vaunted comeback appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards was nothing short of a shambles. The singer, out-of-shape and seemingly dazed by the bright lights, stumbled through a lip-synced performance of her forthcoming single, Gimme More, in front of a perplexed showbusiness audience.

PR expert Mark Borkowski argues that it is the TV network, not the singer, which has come off worst from the debacle.

“You can’t use the media as Britney has and not expect to be crucified if you’re not up to scratch,” he says.

“But what the hell was MTV doing providing the crucifix?

“Credible brands need to be trusted, and that is exploitative PR.

“They will struggle in future to attract that sort of star, which is what their audience wants.”