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Mark Borkowski has handled PR for some of the biggest names in the business and continues to do so. He’s worked for Eddie Izzard, Graham Norton, Joan Rivers, Macaulay Culkin, Sir Cliff Richard, Shirley Bassey, the Bolshoi Ballet, Cirque du Soleil, the Three Tenors, and that trio of Michaels (who sound like a firm of provincial solicitors), Jackson, Flatley & Moore. His roster of the rich and famous even extends to Mikhael Gorbachev and Diego Maradona. He’s also publicised some of the best TV drama series over the past two decades – including Spooks, Our Friends in the North, The Lakes, and 40, and he launched The Word, The Girlie Show, Never Mind the Buzzcocks and They Think It’s All Over, at a time when everybody thought they were very bad ideas. In some cases they were right. He’s been behind the high public profile of a string of West End successes, and his portfolio of film promotion includes cult classics such as American History X and Best in Show, as well as multi-million-dollar box office hits like The Matrix. When mounting a major propaganda drive to secure £60 million of lottery funding, it was to Mark that the Royal Albert Hall turned for advice. What also distinguishes Mark is his willingness to engage with challenging international work from left-field companies and artists. He is the author of The Fame Formula: How Hollywood's Fixers, Fakers and Star Makers Created the Celebrity Industry.

Posts by Mark Borkowski:

Super Bowl 50: from metonymic to moronic

Normally a potato-faced jock saying he fancies a bud is not worth much thought. But the Super Bowl isn’t normal. Peyton Manning, fresh from leading the Denver Broncos to victory over Carolina, told CBS he’s going to “drink a lot of Budweiser tonight.”With one seemingly impromptu slip –followed by a less impromptu-seeming second- Anheuser-Busch, his […]


David Bowie – the reclusive master of self-promotion (The Drum)

It was this time three years ago when the release of a song sent shockwaves around the world, from Ibiza to the Norfolk broads. David Bowie marked his 66th birthday by giving his fans ‘Where are we now?’, a mysterious but somehow so familiar new single, his first in a decade… http://www.thedrum.com/opinion/2016/01/11/david-bowie-reclusive-master-self-promotion


Lynton Crosby: a noble knight with a common PR touch

There is no worse PR for the establishment than to be seen to be awarding good PR, but Conservative campaign guru Lynton Crosby’s knighthood is a vindication of his world-class talents, writes Mark in PR Week. http://www.prweek.com/article/1377973/lynton-crosby-noble-knight-common-pr-touch


PR in 2015: The Trouble with Authenticity

In 2015 we all loved authenticity, right? The ‘New Politics’ engaged and enraged in equal measure. Cannes Lions was all about purposeful brands. FleishmanHillard launched a new product to help companies drive an authenticity agenda. Whether you’re a boutique dentist or selling bleach being human was at the centre of everyone’s comms strategy.For PR this has been […]


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