All time “noddy” high!

I have done my 125th interview on Kate Moss, this time for an Australian News Network. The ups and downs of Kate Moss’s life have been a rollercoaster ride. This week an article in a design magazine dug out one of my original quotes on the Kate Moss ferago, when the story originally broke.

The continuing need for 24/7 news quotes from pundits like myself and Max Clifford, only illustrates that you can comment on a situation as it happens, and as you see fit to comment at the time.

However, not representing the person, you cannot see the bigger picture and sometimes soundbites can fly back like a boomerang and smack you in the face.

I have always used my “get out of jail free card” saying that things are likely to change, but news organisations or newspapers always choose to fillet the caveat. It’s clear that in the initial stages of the PR meltdown, brands did have to distance themselves from Moss. Those brands that needed an edge embraced her and by doing so, she became rehabilitated and her new existence was forged.

Make no mistakes; in any celebrity career, every day has a sunrise and a sunset and whether it’s a red sky in the morning or at night, it’s usually governed by the ongoing conduct of the individual to generate safe column inches.