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What brands can learn from Jimmy Carr’s mistakes

The issues arising from scrutiny of Jimmy Carr’s tax affairs have much to teach us about the proper handling of a crisis and structuring of a brand strategy in the Now economy. The affair encapsulates problems which are endemic to any brand- the reason I’ve enjoyed giving some much commentary on the whole sordid business is that they are problems which I set up my new business to help address. Most pertinently, it has much to teach about when smart thinking should be brought into play- a little disruptive thought and hard work in a time of peace can come into immeasurable value in avoiding times of strife.

I Spoke with the Today Programme last Thursday, and then Drivetime on 5 live the same afternoon, and both conversations revolved around the same hubs: the speed at which the affair took light, the role of social media and the public conversation in prompting Carr to apologise, the damning power of Hubris in a public figure. You can listen to both on this post if you’re interested, but in summary I could only conclude that, given the circumstances, Carr did the right thing in delivering a frank and swift apology.

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